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Last Updated on February 8, 2020

One of the pillars at the foundation of modernity is the principle of Divide and conquer. Therefore in the process of bringing my conditioning into consciousness I must thoroughly investigate where I have been infected and influenced, shaped and molded, by the imposition of this life-degrading principle. In what ways have I been divided, and conquered? This is a long article exploring just a few aspects of the many ways in which modern Man has been divided, and thus conquered.

Division from nature

Predominant religions, and the mainstream scientific world view, have both established a divisive relationship between Man and the natural world. In the artificial world (or construct) of modernity it’s common to either view Man as above and superior to nature—therefore in a position to disregard the Earth as a living being that we are a specialised unit of—or, as merely another dispensable species of animal, with no particular role in the grand scheme of Life. Obviously that’s an utterly irrational position, since every other living thing as a specific function in the natural world. Man, we are supposed to believe, is the one and only exclusion to that observable fact. The mainstream take on modern science would have us believe Man is a freak accident arising from a very precise combination of elements that happened by chance.

Modern Man, mostly spurred on by religious fanatics, has systematically destroyed, decimated, and often completely eliminated cultures (mostly indigenous cultures) who existed in a paradigm of deep connectivity and unity with the natural world. The very existence of such cultures were and still are (to a reduced degree) a threat to the agenda of division and world domination through the disassociation of Man from the Great Earthly Mother that births us into Being.

The consequences of modern Man’s artificial division from the natural world are pandemic, and threaten the biological stability of the entire planet. The natural world is breaking down at an extraordinary rate, yet any outsider (say, a being watching from another planet) would likely conclude Man has no idea the Earth is facing an extreme peril. This scenario is itself a result of modern Man’s disconnection from the natural world. It’s like a family “happily” living in a house that’s on fire, going about their day-to-day functions as if everything’s more or less okay. They make only the feeblest attempts to address the fire, such as by changing shirts when, for instance, it catches onto one’s sleeve.

Division from spirit

One of the great plights of modern Man is that the majority of us no longer experience or recognised ourselves as spirits. Even those who consider themselves as spiritually orientated, or who have “spiritual interests,” for the most part they are still humans powerfully identified with physicality, who have an interest or belief in something spiritual or metaphysical. Just as one might have an interest in sailing, skiing, science, environmentalism, etc., some of us have an interest in spirituality. This is, however, quite a different scenario from humans who first and foremost know themselves as, and function as, living divine spirits, existing within a multitude of spiritual dimensions, as Pure and Total Consciousness. Consciousness permeating to and participating in the human experience, as opposed to matter based bodies pursuing, however feebly or fervently, spiritual interests and reconnection with Divinity.

Paradoxically, to a great extent popular religion has played a significant role in diminishing humanity’s spiritual connection. Indigenous cultures, for instance, placed far less emphasis on having a middle-man between a person and spirit. There were members of the tribe who specialised in what we might call spiritual practices, connections, and pursuits. But they had no exclusive claim on such matters. Daily living wasn’t carried out in such a way that it was divorced from spirit and the natural world. So the majority of people lived with a deeper sense of connection to life than those living in modernity. In modernity that sense of connection has been greatly compromised. The recent uprise of people being almost 24/7 glued to electronic devices is taking that disconnection to unprecedented levels. It seems the more electronically “connected” we become, the more spiritually disconnected we are.

Division from body

There are a great many intellectuals within, and promoted by, modernity who, for the most part, experience themselves as a brain, and a mental process is believed to arise exclusively from that brain. The body is, in practice, related to as little more than a means to get that brain (and, more importantly, it’s thought process) from A to B, from one meeting, lecture, interest or intellectual pursuit to the next. Basic functions like the need to eat, sleep, and procreate are necessary, and oftentimes inconvenient, side-effects of the mobility advantages the body provides to the thinking brain.

Then we have those of us who identify with images of the body which are completely artificial, generated through digital manipulation of typically unhealthy and unnaturally proportioned women, designed to appeal to a sexualised imagination. Studies show that even prepubescent girls, as young as only 7 or 8 years old, are (mis)identified with highly sexualised artificial images and notions of the female body. Increasingly I see young girls less than a decade old, who dress themselves up like porn stars or glamourised prostitutes, trying hard to accentuate and project a level of superficial sexuality that has only vaguely started flowing through their veins. This is just one of many forms of disassociation from the natural living body affecting us.

Another form of bodily disassociation is seen in the life-degrading dietary choices made by most modern humans. Much of what lines our supermarket shelves are things (“products”) our not so distant ancestors would barely recognise as food. Edible products designed to capitalise on basic human survival mechanisms, such as our innate appetite for fat, salt, and sugar, for the sole purpose of generating profits. Not for creating healthy harmonious bodies, but for monetary profits. The majority of modern humans buy into this deception, with both their dollars and their health and wellbeing. Many of us suffer from such profound disconnect, we don’t put one and one together and recognise that the extreme degeneration of health in society just might have something to do with the toxic lifeless crap most people use to feed themselves. We’ve only got to look at the food made available in most hospitals—a place where one would think we’d wish to optimise the body’s capacity to heal—to realise the extent of this disconnection.

Speaking of hospitals … Bodily disassociation is also promoted through over-emphasis of the modern medical system (which is predominantly made up of large corporations with vested interests in making money, above and all else) as the one and only sensible solution to disease and the natural human desire for health. That fact that roughly 80% of humanity still relies of herbal and plant based solutions to health issues (according to figures from WHO), seems to garner very little credit or attention from popular medicine. Many modernised humans have an odd tendency to relate to something as simple as a headache as an Ibuprofen or Paracetamol deficiency. Acid reflux is the indication one needs antacid tablets; and, the slightest sign of a cold or sore throat is a sure sign of not having had enough antibiotics recently.

… Even more bizarrely, the now hazardous medical condition known as pregnancy, is increasingly related to as the need for a surgical operation. We’re suppose to believe that somehow the female body is innately unable to liberate itself from the relatively recent pandemic disease of intra-uterine mammalian gestation, without serious medical intervention, which unavoidably means undergoing elective c-section surgery. What’s more, according to popular medical “wisdom,” the life-threatening condition of post-parturition existence—otherwise known as, being born—is an early indication of a rapidly advancing prognosis of life-long sickness and disease, for which a multitude of mercury laced concoctions of partially debilitated viral-tissue, synthetic vitamin K shots, and artificial-vitamin enriched dietary formula is the sure and only road to recovery. Whilst I don’t in any way wish to disregard the relatively rare (although increasingly common) cases in which a natural birth is genuinely compromised by serious health issues, the current state of how the modern world “welcomes” living spirits into the world of human experience is, shall we say, seriously out of balance. It’s all part of the agenda to divide and conquer humanity from its own fundamental and natural state of being. It’s the early enforcement and imposition of becoming (a product, otherwise known as a slave-consumer), divorced from being.

Division of nations

According to many esoteric teachings, humanity was long ago united as one people. Due to reasons too complex to elaborate upon in this moment, the Creator divided humanity into a number of races. Let’s simply say that conflictive and disharmonious tensions were arising within the united humanity. Differences of opinion and direction, and the discordant social tendencies resulting from the machinations of rebellion were causing problems. To help balance things out, and to maintain some level of order (in spirit), the Creator separated human souls into differing races. Each was provided with its own language so that the various groups would not interfere with each other. These races were placed apart, at great distances, and assigned duties in the care-taking of their local environment. These were essentially spiritual responsibilities, since at that time we still knew and related to each other, and to the Earth itself, as spirit, not matter.

It was never intended that these original races look upon each other in fear, and scorn, and with malice. That was the work of dark forces twisting things around, in order to generate conflict, promoting the degradation of the human spirit.

Although it could be argued the world’s many races and cultures have greatly “united” in recent centuries, much of that unification is driven solely by monetary and commercial interests. I suspect this results in a loss of culture more than it does a coming together of cultures. What we end up with is a rather bland homogenised super-culture ruled by the power structures of modernity. Within modernity it’s common to read and hear about the “world economy”, “global trade agreements”, the “World Trade Organisation”, “multinational and transnational corporations”, and so on. The United Nations and World Health Organisation also feature a lot in the media, which may look like an argument against the above point. On the surface it all sounds very “united” and “global”. Yet it’s not hard to recognise that, for the most part, both of these organisations have been infiltrated and compromised by the same corporate globalist agenda. The modern world is primarily being “united” through trade, for the purposes of commerce. The unification of people is secondary, at best, if at all. It’s worth noting that, in terms of monetary value, the biggest global trade markets are weapons and chemically produced (illegal) drugs. Two highly destructive inventions that have no function except to divide people. The trade of weapons and illegal drugs is supported by modernity not just for their monetary worth, but because they are critical in the ongoing dividing and conquering of humanity.

Political division

Need I elaborate? Basically the whole notion of a “left” and “right” within politics is deceptive and schismatic. It’s the a form of self-distraction produced by a populace that is basically suffering from all of the above-mentioned forms of division. Recognising what supports and upholds LIFE and natural living processes, and what degrades and destroys those processes, is not rocket science. It’s something every human being is hard-wired (or should I say, “heart-wired”) to recognise and discern. So how is it we end up with so many millions of different views on how to function, as human beings, as a society? The issue is that modern Man is disassociated from the Heart, divided from his and her spirit. In order to cope with such a serious and life-threatening state of degradation we have turned toward a combination of religious fanaticism, hyper-rationalism, scientific reductionism, and hyper-mentalisation, as the supreme solutions to our problems. The insane (i.e., life-degrading) and innately divisive state of national and global politics is a direct extension and expression of this degraded and vacuous human condition, now a hallmark feature of modernity.

This is all conducted under the guise and pretense of democracy. A word derived from Greek dēmokratia, from dēmos ‘common people + -kratia ‘power, rule’. It implies a society in which people are ruling themselves—were the people have power over their lives—as opposed to being ruled over and disempowered by an emperor, dictator, monarchy, or by tyranny. Unfortunately, it was decided long ago that true democracy was dangerous (to the status quo power structures and elitists). Quite recently, for instance, in the United States of America, in the early 1920s this decision resulted in systems of propaganda being openly used to manipulate the “common people” into making the “right” choices with regard to their elected democratic rulership. After Hitler gave the word “propaganda” a bad wrap, it was replaced with the term “public relations”. Modern public relations is far more sinister and dangerous than any propaganda Hitler, and any other dictators, might have imagined possible. The end result is a globalised society of people who manipulate and police themselves into artificial living conditions of slavery, debt, separation, warfare, and moral degeneration. We do this to ourselves, whilst a relative few elitists harvest and accumulate nearly all the wealth the self-enslaved population help generate. Welcome to modernity’s version of “democracy”.

Community Division

Relative to our ancestors, and indigenous contemporaries, modern human beings no longer live within communities. We might call them “communities”, but my observation is that modern Man has all but completely forgotten what it means to “commune” with each other.

There are two basic definitions of commune: (1) a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities, and, (2) to share one’s intimate thoughts or feelings with (someone), especially on a spiritual level;  feel in close spiritual contact with. How much are either of these deeply meaningful traits strongly promoted in modern society, in our modern “communities”?

We might share our common or public roads, but how many of us strive to share the cars on which we drive with such regularity, bumper-to-bumper, along those roads, on our way to or from work? In the modern world, most cars have only one or two people in them. Typically, the more monetary wealth we have, the less likely we are to share things in a commons with others. There’s really not a lot of communing going on in the traffic jams plaguing every city in the world, despite the fact the participants, We, The People, are all sitting in close proximity to, and heading in the same general direction of,  thousands of other members of “our community”.

In stark contrast to the above scenario, I remember when I lived on the island of Dominica, toward the south of the Caribbean islands. It was uncommon, in fact rare, to see a car or van that wasn’t over-flowing with people. Even motorcycles would typically have two or three people on them. Whilst living in Panama, I didn’t have a car so I usually got around by taxi (which was very affordable). As a virgin to Panamanian taxi etiquette, it came as some surprise the first time “my” first taxi pulled over to pick up two other passengers. Not being fluent in the Spanish at the time, I assumed the driver had determined the new passengers were going to a destination close to where “my” taxi was taking me. Moments later I could only smile as the taxi took off on a 20 minute detour that seemed to be only vaguely (very vaguely) in the directory of “my” destination—a location that would otherwise have been just five minutes down the road. After that initial introduction to the non-exclusivity of taxi rides in Panama [actually, I discovered one could opt to pay more for the trip, and have an exclusive ride], I started to welcome the chance to meet some of the typically colourful locals who I often shared a taxi with. Unlike in my home-country of New Zealand, the taxis in Panama are all yellow. It often made me think me think of New York cabs. I pondered how if something similar were to take place in New York, like detouring on a journey from 70th to 90th Street, via 40th Street for an unannounced secondary passenger, it would like end up in people pressing legal charges against the cab company, seeking remuneration for damages done to their individualistic lives.

In New Zealand, where I live, we have laws in place that essentially prevent (or at least make it exceedingly difficult and expensive) people from sharing land in a co-operative way. Many other countries have such laws. Even if one buys a 500 acres piece of land, it may only be legal to have one main house, and one sub-dwelling on the property. I know many people who find this incredibly limiting. People who would like to share land with others, and actually work through the process of getting along with one another, and co-creating something life-affirming. This is yet another example (out of countless more) of how we’ve created a society that divides rather than units people. In this way true community becomes almost impossible.

Family division

At the core of community division is family division. The family unit in original indigenous cultures is paramount to the well-being of the family members, and to the community at large. A healthy family unit is based on the reciprocal relationship between two spirits, typically a man and a woman. Out of their loving communion, arises a self-evident code of conduct based on natural principles of intelligent (i.e., life-affirming) cooperation.  This naturally forms the environ in which children (living spirits) are conceived and birthed into the world. The members of such a society recognised that life, and life-force, are extraordinary gifts, to be carefully looked after, nourished, and sustained. The life-force that moves within a man and woman as “sexual energy”, resulting in mutual attraction toward spiritual and physical intimacy, is regarded as something sacred and powerful. That doesn’t mean it is idealised into something pretentious, perhaps equivalent to the altar in a Church, only to be approached under special or rare circumstances. It’s just that it’s approached naturally and with reverence and respect, and a great sense of responsibility for the way in which such powerful life-force and energies are utilised.

Modernity promotes and idealises promiscuity as an expression and statement of identity, freedom, independence, and individualism. It’s encouraged—not usually in open social discourse, but quite blatantly through media, music, movies, advertising, pornography, children’s toys, television programs, etc.—as a means of self-validation, and self-expression. Like a meme infecting the feminine psyche (aka. “soul”), thoughtlessly handed around and promoted by both men and women as a prerequisite to social acceptance, women are encouraged to go out at night, like a wanton parade of hotties, dressed and made-up in a way that objectifies and artificialises their sexuality and natural beauty. Those who partake in this ritual—which for many is a near weekly pursuit—typically harbour the secret wish to lure in “the one” who will sufficiently validate them such that they might be liberated, even if only temporarily, but ideally forever, from the persistent inner onslaught of insecurity, anxiety, and self-concern that vexes most modern human beings. That too is a viral meme infecting many women, and men, from an early age. The problem of deep insecurity, and a lost sense of being, and the commonly sort-after solution through sexually hooking up with a partner, are the result of conditioning. This conditioning, or socialisation of a human being, is carefully orchestrated to compromise both man and women in the way we use life-force, or sexual energy. An energy that is designed, by nature, to create union and deep loving and visceral bonds between souls, for the purposes of brining forth new life-forms (e.g., children, family, community, society, etc.) has been twisted around as a means to divide, and to conquer.

What kind of family unit is likely to emerge from such social abnormalities, which modernity has made the norm?

It all starts with human beings who are fundamentally divided within themselves—cut off from spirit; internally split; traumatised; detached and dissociated from the rich and, dare I say, loving, living vastness of what even science tells us makes up well over 99.99% of the cosmos. Spiritually adrift, we are like orphans with no living knowledge or memory of our Mother or Father, of our origin, and thus our destiny and purpose. So we become mere pawns. Pushed around in an extraordinary game of power, played out by forces most people have no clue exist. This twists the human soul into a dysfunctional state of becoming, rather than its natural state of Being. The result is dysfunctional families, which form dysfunctional communities, creating dysfunctional societies, giving rise to dysfunctional nations plagued by dysfunctional religious ideologies, sociopathic corporations, and corrupted greed-centred politics and policies. The final result is a dysfunctional human world of massive inequality and planetary destruction, in which the human spirit (which also equates to life-force) has been successfully degraded, harnessed, and enslaved, for the benefit of unseen masters, both human and spiritual, that derive massive monetary and energetic profit from our willing and rebellious pursuit of a high-jacked and carefully design and implanted notion of individualism.

Divided we fall, united we stand.

The Good News — There’s a way through

The good news is that all of this can be reversed. It’s taken thousands of years of careful orchestration to manipulate the dominant human paradigm of modernity, spiritual depravity, and hyper-superficialism to where it is today. Yet we exist in a time when this entire entanglement of deception can be unravelled relatively quickly. For some, it can be done in a matter of years. For humanity at large, it might take the dedication of a generation, or two. In spiritual terms, time equates to energy. When a human being recovers the living memory and self-arising discernment of how to manage and utilise their energy or life-force, years of dysfunction can be balanced out in moments or hours of harmonious, natural functioning.

Just as the tactic of divide and conquer stands as a pillar upholding the altar upon which we are willingly slaughtered like lambs whilst being sacrificially offered to a malevolent fallen deity, another pillar is that of deception. A fundamental deception Man has been entrapped by is that of a mis-taken sense of identity. The two polarities of this mis-identification are hyper-materialism and hyper-spiritualism. Both are made possible through a perceptual trick I sometimes refer to as superficialism. Without attempting to spell this all out here in the present article, I’ll simply add that this perceptual trick is, in part, made possible through the captivation of attention. The mystery of human attention is powerfully influenced by our conditioning. For the most part, and for most human beings, during early childhood (both pre- and post-natal) our attention is entrained by our parents.

When a child is born, from its perspective, it is consciousness born (or emerging) into space, not a body or thing born into a place. Under natural conditions, the consciousness of a new born child is entranced by a vast array of physical and non-physical—mostly non-physical, since most of the universe is non-physical—phenomenon. Its human will has not yet emerged, and so its attention is very fluidic and powerfully influenced by the environment. Just as a key element of the space, in consciousness, from which the child has emerged from, is The Mother (a divine power that birthed it, as a spirit, into Being), a key factor in the worldly space in which has been born into is the child’s mother.  Through an extraordinary process of behavioural and, perhaps more importantly, neurological mimicry, the child learns or is conditioned into what it does and doesn’t give attention to. In this way (which, for brevity, I’ve greatly simplified) the new-born goes from being consciousness in space, to being an in-formed thing in a place.

Thus, the attention of the human spirit transforms from formless omnipresence into a singular point of consciousness, in form. If the child’s parents do not pay consciousness attention to the metaphysical backdrop of reality, the backdrop through which the child (as consciousness) has emerged, the child relatively quickly forgets its origin as a spirit. Its all-pervading Divine Mother and Father, is organically replaced by its now all-important mother and father. If the child’s mother and father are completely mis-identified with materiality, there’s a high chance that’s also how the child will take shape. Its attention will cease to gravitate toward all that is metaphysical, giving exclusive preference to that which is physical. Because that’s what its parents, and society at large, give their attention to. There are also willful and partially autonomous forces which, early in the child’s development (often prenatally), start working upon its luminous body, or energetic structure. They impose on and influence what might also be referred to as the soul. The spirit of that child is also working upon the luminous body, or soul of the child. So, from the outset, when a soul is emerging into the world it is being acted upon by two antagonistic spiritual forces. That of the human spirit, and that of various degraded or lower frequency forces.


Those lower frequency forces attempt to darken the soul. One manifest outcome of that darkening, is that it loses sensibility of its own spirit—its origin as a spirit, what created it as a spirit, and of its purpose and function as a spirit. The child’s natural state of semi-conscious entrancement with manifest life is manipulated against its own well-being, to deceptively separate it from its origin, from its genesis. The child goes from being entranced by life, to being entrained or conditioned into a state of abject materialism and mechanisation, which nearly approaches lifelessness. The means through which a human soul is Divinely intended to be naturalised into the the world of form and healthy functioning, are used to mechanise it into an artificial state of mis-identification, dis-ease, and malfunctioning.

In some cases, particularly when the spirit is especially luminous, the attention of the soul is distracted, deceived, and captivated in another way. When a spirit is particularly luminous, it is most entranced by that which is also luminous. It will have a tendency to resist being entrained into the spiritual darkness of abject materialism. Put another way, the developing attention of such a soul (or child) will tend to orientate toward the light. To deal which this, the same adversarial forces that orientate a soul toward darkness, will orientate a soul toward “light”. It is, however, akin to an artificial form of light, a false representation of light that has been mis-qualified into a phenomena that is potentially even more deceptive than abject materialism. Some of the key manifestations of entrancement by this artificial light are excessive  intellectualism, over mentalisation, and ungrounded spiritualism. Religious fanaticism (and, in fact fanaticism of almost every kind, including dietary fanaticism [which I mention because it’s so common]) is one significant result of this influence. A great many spiritual pursuits, practices, and ideologies are also the result of the influence of these forces. Excessive intellectual fervour for wrote (i.e., non-living, or heartless) knowledge is another. A great deal of what I observe in the so-called “New Age” spirituality is also a direct result of the deceptive false presentation of the light. It could be said this deceptive light is the work of Lucifer, the light bearer who led the rebellion against divinity. Celestialising, spiritualising, and intellectualising are all tendencies that arise from mesmerisation by the artificial spiritual light of so-called Lucifer.

Abject materialism, and the unnatural spiritualisation of phenomena and the human experience, derail us from our true nature, and our purpose within the Earth. The prior results in complete loss of consciousness of spirit. The later results in dissociation from our humanity, and our organic and spiritual connection to, and role within, the natural world. From my perspective, many of the popular forms of Christianity are the result of the Luciferic hi-jacking of the message of Jesus.

So what’s all this got to do with the good news of a way out?

The way ordinary Man perceives the world is the result of conditioning. Much of that condition can be reversed, undone, and cleared. Much of Man’s current plight is the result of deception, and ignorance of reality. Deception can be undone, ignorance can be unlearned. It requires no belief, although a little faith, to begin with, will certainly come in handy whilst the ego protests against our transforming sense of identity. The other good news is that “evil” is non-creative. It does not have the power to create. It is only able to deceptively twist around and degrade what the Mother created. This means that when we recover our attention, and regain clear perception, it’s like throwing the light on in a darkened room. Evil may have deceived me into thinking that darkened room was a prison I was entrapped in. The whole setup depends on deception, and ignorance of reality. By engaging the spirit in some of its most natural functions, it naturally comes forward in our lives, and sheds light on the darkened rooms in which we have been feeling imprisoned. With the light of consciousness we are able to see those rooms for what they really are. What may have seemed like an oppressive prison, may in fact just be my bedroom.

Spiritual Training

spiritual warrior

The ultimate answer to Man’s current predicament is found and actualised through spiritual training. I am not simply referring to the spiritual pursuits of an otherwise materially identified ego. Spiritual training is literally the training of the spirit. It’s an initiatory process, which is perfectly natural, relatively simple, and it requires self-application and discipline. That, however, is not the subject of this article.

Put in the simplest way possible, the solution to our many layers and levels of division and fragmentation, is love. It depends upon our returning to the Heart as the epicentre of our perception of (and approach toward) the world. Love is a natural expression of the Spirit. A human burdened by generations of denying the spirit, and millennia of misguided conditioning, may find returning to heart close to impossible. That’s why spiritual training is a vital, and perfectly natural, part of the process. If you wish to recover the natural means to bring forth your spirit, seek the assistance of one who has already done it, and who is actively perfecting that sacred and creative art.

Once you receive that assistance, it’s vital to apply what you’re learned. To accumulate knowledge and not apply it is yet another way the soul of Man becomes divided and fragmented. When that happens, we run the serious risk of becoming infomaniacs, unable to put anything into meaningful effect in our lives.


Hand in hand with appropriate training, what’s essential is a return to functioning as a community, as souls in sacred alliance and solidarity, for the benefit of life.

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