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Last Updated on January 2, 2012

Here is a something I received from a dear friend, teacher, and Buddhist Master I knew for 3 months when I lived in Switzerland back in 1996. His name was “The Count of Montecristo” although many just called him Soami (so-am-i). I may never see him again in this world for he is more elusive than the a swift breeze on a dark star-lit night — yet the impact he quietly had on my world, and the love I now feel for him each time I recall his presence, will always remain with me…

“o” vocation cipher = the marval of amazementTHE COUNT OF MONTECRISTO

Didactics in p a r a d o x e s : —
A vast VALUE IS to view Vacant
Veneration as a VIP – V a c a t i o n
by AWAKENING to Absolute Vacuity the
PERFECTION in Voidness devoid of vanity
in a vulnerable world where the vague
Veil-of-Maya has verily vanished forever.
Welcome to Shambala = Supreme Happiness
simples sigillum veri

So, what do you get from that? Read it again… word by word.

As the Count would say, “Either you’ve got it… or you haven’t”

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