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Last Updated on February 8, 2020

In my observation there a number of assumptions many people make with regards to health and healing, and I’d like to take to take a moment to explore a few of them.

I shall list these assumptions in no particular order and take a deeper look at each one:

    1. The assumption that health—specifically the absence of dis-ease and the presence of wholeness within the body, mind, and spirit—and healing are the same thing. The healing will result in perfect health.

    What I would like to point out is that healing is not necessarily about “the absence of disease or illness”. Healing may result in the elimination of disease and illness but the two are not mutually inclusive. Therefore healing may—and I stress the word “may”—lead to a state of great physical health, yet it also may not. I can not presume to ever truly know just what a person has going on at the level of soul. Even to really know what they have going on at the level of mind is extremely challenging if not impossible. I will add, that in my experience, in most situations a person that heals themselves will tend to live a life that is free of the many degenerative diseases that plague the world today.

    I am bringing attention to this point simply because I detect in many people who are aware of the holistic nature of disease that once they “heal” themselves disease becomes impossible. Yet what if passing through the complex emotional experience of facing a life-threatening disease such as terminal cancer was in fact part of the journey a soul had set itself up for in order to heal various issues at a deeper level. What if the intelligence of the Soul has determined that part of that experience must involve the death of the physical body in order for it to be complete—in order for the deeper “healing” to eclipse and nullify some deep issue that would otherwise continue to plague this Being? It is human arrogance to assume that we know—based on how sense of what is fair and what is actual and what is not—what the infinite intelligence of Life has in store for us in order to bring about perfection and harmony.

    I suspect it is our cultural attachment to the human physical body as the centre of our identity that perhaps sways our many of us to thinking that if my body is manifesting a “disease” then there is something fundamentally wrong and healing is not taking place. The Soul is, afterall, using this physical form as a means to have an experience. The totality of a person’s overall human experience may include experiencing a terminal illness.

    I am sure this point will leave some people feeling a little at a loss in regards to how to now relate to disease. If I have a disease do I try to get rid of it? If I am dying of cancer do I fight to survive? Yet these questions all relate to disease as enemy.

    What I suggest is that disease, like every other experience we have in this apparently tangible world, is a carrier of intelligence. Everything that arises in a person’s experiential reality is a carrier for intelligence. A carrier for Life. A medium through which consciousness is unfolding. A phenomena through which awareness is expanding. Coming from this perspective I am sure most of us would have a wholly (holy) different relationship to disease.

    So how then can a person relate to a disease and the notion of curing it when approaching the matter from this perspective?

    Well, I feel it can be approached in the same way that all life-experience can be approached.
    First and foremost the person in question should remain open to the fact that he does not know what is going on.
    That he does not know who and what he is in truth.
    That he is out of touch with Reality through attachment to the disillusioned reality of the ego.
    Since he “does not see things as they truly are”,
    He can drop his assumptions about what things are
    And the meaning of that which he is experiencing.
    From this place of open receptivity,
    He can then approach his apparent disease as a carrier of intelligence.
    One way of relating to this intelligence is that it contains a message.
    It contains information.
    The purpose of that information, from the Soul’s perspective,
    Is to bring Light into the darkness maintained by the illusion of the ego-mind.
    This is equivalent to “waking up”. It is equivalent to en-light-enment.

    Therefore this apparent disease is as much a gift as everything else this person experiences.
    However, seen through the eyes of the ego it is an attack.
    This is where openness and receptivity to “I do not see reality as it really is”,
    Becomes crucial. Only then is the ego-mind released to some degree.

    This apparent disease is happening for the person,
    And not to him. What’s more, it is ultimately created by Him.
    For the purpose of drawing his attention to the ways in which
    He has forgotten His true nature,
    His true inheritance as an extension of God,
    And his Real purpose as a Divine Being.

    The key then is to remain actively open and aware,
    Ready to shed light upon his mis-perception of what Is,
    Ready to see how judgment limits his experience of Self,
    Ready to see where and how he habitually makes life-taking choices.
    Paramount to all of this,
    Is his willingness to discover what it is he is being asked (by his Self)
    To forgive within himself and within the world.
    For in truth these are one and the same,
    And hence each requires the same forgiveness,
    And to forgive one is to forgive the other,
    Even though they may temporarily appear to happen separately.

    I have three more common misconceptions to cover. I’ll do so in separate posts.

    • That disease is a negative and bad thing that must be fixed
    • That the experience of disease or illness is indicative that you have done something wrong or bad
    • That a person must gain a logical explanation for their disease—in terms of “why this has happened to me”—in order to heal
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