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Last Updated on August 5, 2015

Here is a wonderful poem that a dear friend living in Sweden shared with me on 11-11-1998.

I just found it on my somewhere in the depths of my computer, collecting cobwebs and e-dust. I’ve not corrected any errors in his English but I think it’s all pretty good. Enjoy…

Choice for Change — By Wahcana

I’ve dreamt and I’ve dreamt for that day to come…
The day I was about to make that choice would be a day in peace,
The day I was about to make that choice would be when I was rested and lay still,
A day when sadness and longing was in my heart,
A day when I saw there was nothing to loose – only let go,
A day when my trust in love washed away all fear from my worned out soul,
The day I was about to make that choice was when I saw that I had been longing for life all my years,
When I could see through my grey wrinkled skin and into the dark of my eyes,
Oh, there was a child playing together with birds!
That day would be the day of choice,
Though the dream ended here…
Many years passed away but my dreaming decided to stay…
One morning a ‘something’ arose…
As I slowly opened my worned eyes for a new old day, I noticed a bird outside, sitting in the tree.
It’s singing pored in through my slightly opened window and filled my room!
What was it !?
I could feel it but I did not know it.
That ‘something’ wouldn’t leave nor would I be told what it was…
The singing became louder and it all felt like a dream.
I started crying…
I cried and I cried…

Then that ‘something’ started bumping my heart…
It went all faster and I couldn’t resist it…
My fear from this ‘something’ began to fade away and a small voice touched my inner being.
That gentle voice… I knew it!
Oh, my dream!
The gentle voice spoke: – “I am here with you as I’ve always been, I am your child and waiting to be alive

Oh, now even the bird spoke to me!
Its singing became alive – “Your dream is you… and dreams are come true
You are not an old man…you are a child to be revealed
As I heard those words I cried even more… for so much there was to be enjoyed.
This morning wasn’t any ‘something’, it was a miracle to be with!
And now I saw that everything was here with me! It always has been!
Dreams are life’s longing for itself… and your heart will guide you to them.
The only choice there is is to “Love = let go”
And if dreams are to be followed,
Days are no longer days and life no longer life; All is a miracle!
AND if all is loved and you let go,
How would you ever want to change anything???
Life is always,
Love is forever.

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