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Last Updated on February 8, 2020

Here’s a documentary I recommend watching, especially at this pertinent time when some governments are in the process of bringing about forced vaccination programs, making it illegal—a punishable crime—to not receive government mandated vaccines.

Irrespective of the possible validity and efficacy of vaccines, or not, it is completely unacceptable for democratically elected governments to dictate how WE, THE PEOPLE, should or should not medicate ourselves, and how we choose to manage our own health (and that of our dependants). When a government takes on such a roll, it’s known as a dictatorship, as Totalitarianism. In this case I would class this as corporate totalitarianism, or what some refer to as inverted totalitarianism.

This documentary starts out looking at issues surrounding vaccines, and then branches out into a range of important health related issues, and commonly accepted practices and technologies that are potentially having a very negative impact on human health. The main theme is the health of children, and numerous issues the producers have determined are threatening child health.

At this time (March 2018) it is viewable freely on the producer’s web site. You’ll need to provide a name and email address. The current page for that is here. Although, I found that after providing my name and email, what became available was a short intro to the main movie. Once the intro was complete, the main movie did not show up. For this reason, I am providing the embedded movie below, in case you also can’t watch it on the official site.

(if the following link / movie viewer goes down — meaning it displays a message saying it’s not available — please leave a comment to let me know)

[youtube id=”azfHBPqi2Zo” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”1200″ parameters=”?modestbranding=1 controls=2 showinfo=0″]

Note: I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with all of the points made in this documentary. It is posted here as a matter of public education, with the intent the WE, THE PEOPLE can make up our own minds on the issue.

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