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Last Updated on January 2, 2012

Caught between two worlds,
The world I see with my eyes,
And the world I know with my mind,
… the world I feel within my Being.

Caught between two worlds,
The world that knows who and what I am,
And the world that knows only what it believes,
… the world with which I’ve always felt at odds.

Caught between two worlds,
The tick-tock “reality” that believes all this to be true.
The non-ordinary reality,
In which I dance and reside,
Yet for which the people I see might think me “mad”
Or unapproachable, or something worse.

Such is life between two worlds,
In both worlds.
Day by day, these worlds merge,
The apparent “two” moving into One.

Here I am.
In this apparent world.
Yet here I Am…
Eternal, Immortal, Universal….
Everywhere. No-thing.

The “human RACE” is WON only in the NOW.
For here and NOW the race is over,
Never was.
Just a figment of the imagination,
Hallucination on the grandest scale,
Projected from the mind of the One Self that I Am.

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