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Why are we here? How is it that everything in the natural world has a specific and significant function in the holism of Life, and yet human beings seem—according to Western culture—to have somehow avoided being a part of this grand orchestration? Is it true humans were create at somewhat of a loose end, winging it on planet Earth for a while, until we pass away?

An Introduction to Wisdom for a Life of Freedom – Part One

In Part One of this introduction to Wisdom for a Life of Freedom, we’ll touch on how this information came to be—how it eventuated that I am sharing this with you. My intention is that this support in you greater clarity on why this information is being presented at this time. Through these written words you and I are entering into a relationship of sorts, and I feel it may be helpful in your appreciation of that relationship to know a little about its background.

If you are interested, what I will share with you through this web site is what I have come to identify as Wisdom for a Life of Freedom. I also simply call it Wisdom of the Heart. To add chaos to confusion, you’ll also see me referring to aspects of it as Original Knowledge. The reasons will become clear, as you explore this site. Whatever the name—and those names are all synonymous—this is my particular presentation of timeless living knowledge I have received from a life-time of spiritual discovery and exploration. I realise most of my pairs—in fact most people in the Western world—do not have the luxury of dedicating their entire life focus into spiritual matters, into matters pertaining to the Heart. You know the story, I am sure. Education, jobs, careers, family, debts, mortgages, holidays, partying, economic ups and downs, et cetera, are all typical challenges most of us face and deal with on a daily basis, and from an early age. Deep dedication to spiritual exploration often comes later in life, or requires passing up on the “normal” world, and going in more of a monastic life-style. That luxury, for me, brings with it a heightened sense of responsibility—even an obligation—to share what I have received, in the best ways I know how.

A strange childhood

From a relatively early age I became aware I am here to uncover what it means to be free (as a Spirit), and to assist other people on their journey toward actualising that freedom. Writing about it now, in retrospect, I realise there is a very real risk of the reader comparing themselves with the author and judging themselves as “less than,” or that he is coming across as egotistical. At that early age I simply knew and had interest in certain things, without having much sense this was particularly unusual. I think like most kids, I didn’t feel like I “fitted in,” but I didn’t realise I was somewhat of a freak for wanting spiritual liberation instead of a career, worldly success and fortunes, or many of the other ambitions my pairs at school aspired to. Nothing about what I went through was any more or less “special” to what they went through, or what you went through. I trust you know that. Where I am now, looking back, I am deeply aware every human being has a particular path set out for him or herself, and we really mustn’t compare those paths in an evaluative way. For all I know, it’s quite possible the issues and challenges I had to sort out and resolve in this life—in order to be ready for living my purpose fully—were so severe that I had to start young in order to get through it all.

I mention the above because I have talked deeply with a lot of spiritually inclined people over the years. Often times they’ll ask questions about my history—curious to know how I came to be such a freak, I suppose—and I have often witnessed how people compare and then judge themselves for “having taken so long to figure out there was more to life than material success” (to paraphrase what’s been said to me) or some other self-defeating story. My heart sinks when I hear this, because more than anything I want people to know that ultimately there are no right and wrong ways. What you have experienced up until this very moment is fundamental to the full actualisation of your potential. Every bit of it. I may not always see how that is true, at the time, but in retrospect, I know it is. So my wish is that you let my story affirm the significance of your own story, because that’s exactly what made our meeting, in this moment, through these words, possible.

Now that we’re done with the disclaimer…

In my early to mid-teens I got into submersing myself into spiritual experiences, practicing yoga, meditating, and engaging in various other practices as part of a spiritual ‘path’ I found was naturally emerging from the memory of my Heart. I didn’t really think much of it at the time. It just seemed like the thing to do. Looking back, I see I felt misplaced in the world, and I wanted meaningful answers quickly, and much more than I wanted anything else. Some kids were interested in swimming, math, hunting, tennis, rugby, or girls, and more. I was interested in just about anything “spiritual” I could get my hands on, and rather disinterested in most of what went on at school. Of course, I was also interested in girls, and I was rather into mathematics for some years, until I started finding it overly complicated. Actually, I found females rather complicated too, but somehow that didn’t dissuade me. I was content to pass on the rugby and hunting though.

Once I was complete with school (which for me was at 17, as is normal in the New Zealand education system) all I wanted was to meet and know the Divine; to unleash the full expression of my Heart; and to know myself as a Spirit, with all my being. That doesn’t mean I jumped into living like a monk or something as austere as that. As a teenager I partied harder and longer than most of my pairs, and I lived a somewhat wild and rebellious lifestyle (although I didn’t see it that way at the time… I simply felt I was living to the full). But through all that madness my underlying drive was to go beyond social boundaries, to experience different states of consciousness (yes, I experimented with numerous consciousness-altering substances), and to feel alive beyond the limits I felt society and conditioning were trying hard to impose upon me.

I also got into traditional naturopathy, fasting, eating a clean and natural diet, vegetarianism, getting up at 4am in the morning and doing hours and hours of yoga, and a bunch of other weird stuff. At around 19 ‘life’ hooked me up with a couple of genuine yogis. I don’t just mean people who get into going along to yoga classes a few times a week. Both of these people were genuine spiritual masters, living in quite a different state of consciousness from anyone I’d met up till that time. I left “home” to go and live with them, and the rest is history…

Don’t get me wrong though. I’ve had to battle out my own challenges. I’ve had to face my demons and shadows. I’ve had to face and overcome laziness, confusion, self-doubt, feeling spiritually lost, being on the ball one moment, and aimlessly drifting the next. Feeling ultra focused and aligned, to being distracted and lacking direction. Simply put, I’ve faced many of the issues and challenges I know many people face. I perhaps just got into actively dealing with all that earlier in life than many of my pairs, but that doesn’t really change much. I continue to face some of these challenges today. Life itself is a challenge. From birth to death, and beyond, Life is always presenting us with things to see, clear, and integrate.

Over the next 20 years I explored and studied intensively. I travelled to many parts of the world. I met a number of other rather extraordinary masters. Although, to be honest, I often didn’t really know how to surrender myself fully to what they were teaching. I was fiercely protective of my inner sanctity, and I didn’t want to bind myself spiritually to anything that might compromised my spirit. Looking back, sometimes that meant I missed out on profound opportunities. Although, for the most part it spared me from subtle spiritual setbacks, which I’ve since seen first-hand whilst helping numerous people to work their own way out of them.

Wisdom of the Heart

So where does Wisdom for a Life of Freedom fit into this?

Over the course of this rather wild and relentless ride, I would come across gems of wisdom that resounded in my Heart as true. Principles and understandings about the deeper realities of Life that, in my Heart of Hearts, I knew to be true. Not something I’d have to believe and make true, but simply true in the sense of an undeniable as-it-is-ness. Truths about the such-ness of reality. Truths I’ve since shared with many other people, who will so often comment that they “knew these truths all along… but had never really considered it before.” That’s exactly what I like to hear, because that’s how these truths emerged out of the rubble for me, along my own path, as gems to give my attention to.

My particular expression of this Wisdom is a work in progress, just as you and I are works in progress. In my own life, today, the work is mostly one of refinement. An inner process of eliminating the non-essential, and honing in one the most meaningful and useful map of reality I can live by, and I can pass on to other people. I don’t presume the map I have charted is complete, especially for someone else. The map is only complete, for you, when you’re right there within it. That’s a living process only you can go through, in your own particular—even peculiar—way. My wish is that by sharing my map with you—just as countless other beings have shared their map with me—it will support and confirm those feelings, inner knowings, and sensibilities you have inside yourself, that are true, meaningful, and significant to your Spirit.

In this time of Modernity, it doesn’t take much insight to see we live in a world that is, for the most part, like a barren desert when it comes to reflecting back to us our spiritual essence, our inner beauty, and the rich inner landscapes of our soul. What I’ve received from numerous mentors and teachers in my life—even if they didn’t know that was their role to me at the time—was first and foremost a profound and meaningful reflection of the Spirit. By looking at my own essence reflected in them I was reminded of what I knew inside my own being. Secrets locked up in my Heart and inner-most feelings were mirrored and confirmed, often for the first time in my life. Secrets I’d quietly held onto—seemingly forever—longing to have affirmed by someone I trusted, by someone I spiritually admired and felt rapport with.

Through this web site, and the various other on-line and off-line ways you might come across me sharing with you, it is my heartfelt intention and wish that maybe, just maybe, I successfully mirror something to you—something significant, which enables you to give yourself the necessary permission to love and nurture the seeds of wisdom contained within your Heart. Seeds that are perhaps dormant, or in the process of germinating, or are now little seedlings waiting for the warmth of your self-acceptance, your spiritual dignity; waiting for the warmth and light of your Spirit, and the moisture of your tears of grief, joy, praise, and gratitude, that they may grow and mature.

This is what motivates me, and I trust this is what motivates you. The motivation to uplift and honour the presence of LIFE in you and in all other beings. Seeking a Life of Freedom is synonymous with Supporting the Freedom of Life.

In Part Two we’ll take a look at some fundamental reality based principles at the heart of Wisdom for a Life of Freedom.

Addendum to Part I (added Oct 2017)

Whilst writing (and later publishing) the above, I have been deeply immersed in spiritual training and mentoring with a true Maestro of the original Andean spiritual arts. My mentor, and my apprenticeship with him, is deeply aligned with the original Andean wisdom keepers living in Colombia. They are a pre-Columbian civilisation living high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, who are entirely dedicated to fulfilling the Original and Emerging intent (or plan) of the Divine Mother. They carry and live by a profound body of wisdom, which they call The Original Wisdom of the [Divine] Mother. I have found it to be an even more comprehensive and deep representation of what I’ve been calling The Wisdom of the Heart. I know do my best to incorporate what I’ve received into what I am sharing.

If you wish to learn more about our work with these original wisdom keepers, the specialised training we offer, and the unfolding development of this work around the world, please visit the website of the charitable foundation we’ve established in New Zealand. The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa. This is the New Zealand out-reach of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Amerika. This sacred work is also propagating to other countries (currently Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom [as of 2017]).

I have made a point of ensuring what’s conveyed in this series of articles, and any articles I’ve published since around 2014 are in accordance with the Original Living Wisdom of the Mother, as passed to me by my mentor and spiritual allies. I apologise for any ways in which what I share might have inadvertently diverged from those core truths, and trust you will find your way to a true clarity of consciousness.

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