Where to buy Borax (sodium tetraborate) in New Zealand

According to my research, perhaps one of the simplest, cost-effective, and potentially most efficacious methods for eliminating fluoride from the body is to take small amounts of Borax on a daily basis. Here's a list of sources in New Zealand.

Why corporate bias highly likely in science industry…

Many people still espouse the Holly Grail of "science", like it provides some kind of mostly (if not entirely) objective and truthful take on the world. Yet when modern sciences is hi-jacked by corporations (like most of the planet is) how likely is that?

The Black Madonna (by Patrick Collins)

The Black Madonna, by Patrick Collins

Article originally posted at www.utsa.edu. Full copyrights held by original publisher/author.

Each summer Catholics from across the world embark on a days- and often weeks-long procession from dozens of towns throughout Poland to the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, a shrine considered by many to be the country’s […]

The Simplest Truth (by Robert Wolff)

Here is a beautiful article by a Robert Wolff. I came to greatly admire Robert and his approach to Life after reading his beautiful book Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing. There’s a link to this book on Amazon.com at the end of this article, in case you are interested. If you live in Auckland, New Zealand, it is available from the Auckland City Libraries. His website, with many other articles and beautiful tales, is here.


The Dark Side of Ayahuasca – Part 3

This is Part Three in the popular series The Dark Side of Ayahuasca. We look at why ayahuasca may seem deceptively attractive to many people, some more of the hidden issues in such practices, how Man degrades these plants with unconsciousness.

An Important Message from the Kogi Elders (Raymond Rugland)

By Raymond Rugland

An Important Message from the Kogi Elders
Our love of truth is evinced by our ability to discover and appropriate what is good wherever we come upon it. — J. W. von Goethe
The Elder Brothers by Alan Ereira Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1992; 243 pages, ISBN 0-679-40618-2, cloth $23.00, tucked among […]

YURUGU – An African centered critique of European Cultural thought and behavior

How has the indigenous Earthling in you been indoctrinated by the culture narratives and paradigms of the "Western world"? Did you give being fluent in your native language (the language of the Heart) in order to take on the language of the "Westernised" culture you were born into?

Aluna the movie

The Kogi have come to the outside world a second time with a profound and vitally important message, in the form of a documentary. It's called Aluna. Learn more here about this crucial message.

Elder Brothers’ Warning: Message from the Heart of the World

The following is an excellent audio excerpt of key statements and messages Kogi, as recorded in the 1992 documentary Elder Brothers’ Warning: Message from the Heart of the World. […]

Vital Message from the Elders of the Earth (2009)

What follows is a transcription of a message delivered to Humanity by the Kogi elders in Columbia, in 2009. That was 6 years ago, as I write this, and I must ask (as we all must), 'What, if any, aspects of this message have we, the people of this Earth, taken heed of in this time?'. This message is vital reading...

The muddy way to Internal Cleansing

Certain forms of clay are excellent internal cleansers and detoxifiers. Helping to eliminate candida, aflatoxins, heavy metals, poisons, pathogens, parasites, and many other internal health issues. This article looks at the miracle of edible dirt.

Best source of Diatomaceous Earth in New Zealand

What's the best place to buy Diatomaceous Earth from in New Zealand? Should you import it yourself from the United States, or is super-high quality D.E. available locally? Good news... It is.